Filter cleaning is an extra service maintenance item necessary in prolonging the life of your filter as well as creating a clean and safe swimming environment.

Filter Cleans are recommended for all D.E. filters every 6 months and cartridge filters every 3-6 months depending on your pool usage. It is imperative to observe the pressure gauge on the top of your filter. As the pressure gauge increases, flow rate decreases. Eventually the decreased flow rate will cause poor water quality. A filter cleaning should not be confused with a filter backwash.


  • A complete disassemble on all the grids and filter internals
  • Cleaning the internals to remove any buildup from the grids/cartridges
  • Lubricating the backwash valve if it is a push pull or slide valve
  • Inspecting grids or cartridges and manifolds for damage
  • Reassembling and Recharging the filter with DE (if needed)
  • Testing for proper filtration